Private Investigator

Hire our private investigators for your upcoming investigation.

Private Investigator

Find out the truth with the help of Skidmore Investigations! As private investigators, we have helped thousands of people uncover the truth over the past two decades and obtain much-need evidence, thanks to our effective, discreet investigative services.

Our ongoing mission is to provide the highest-quality private investigation services in a highly discreet manner. We use all the latest technology, and our areas of expertise extend from criminal and civil claims to domestic relations and workers’ compensation investigations. Following the gathering of evidence and information, we prepare it and submit it to you in the form of a confidential report. This may include audio tapes, photographs, video tapes, and statements from various witnesses you can use to your advantage going forward.

Our private investigators realize that many situations that require a private investigation are sensitive and emotional in nature. To increase your odds of securing the information and proof you need while remaining discreet and unknown to the alleged offender, we consider many important factors beforehand and always place your needs and desires above everything else.

We approach every new investigation from a unique perspective to obtain the information you need to build your case or move forward. If you have questions about what our private investigators offer and what types of cases we can help build for citizens, attorneys, and businesses, please reach out to us at Skidmore Investigations today.


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