Workers’ Comp

Don’t let your business fall victim to workers’ comp fraud.

Workers’ Comp
Workers’ compensation laws were established to protect employees who are injured on the job. Unfortunately, some employees will try to take advantage of the law, and false claims cost insurance companies millions of dollars every year. Call us at Skidmore Investigations today to learn more about hiring a private detective to investigate potential workers’ comp fraud.

Our private investigators will compile information to help your company build an investigation to reveal if an employee has committed workers’ comp fraud. We look into:

  • Employees who were never injured
  • Employees who have healed enough to return to work but still remain on leave
  • Employees who were hurt outside of work but have tried to claim workers’ comp

While there is no key identifier to determine if an employee has committed workers’ comp fraud, there are certain signs your organization should watch out for to determine if you should move forward with an investigation. These include:

  • An employee reports an injury that occurred late on Friday the following Monday
  • The reported injury occurs immediately before or after a job change, such as a layoff, termination, or the end of a big project
  • No one witnessed the injury or the accident that caused it
  • The employee refuses to seek medical care to diagnose the existing injury
  • The employee fails to report the injury within a reasonable timeframe without a reasonable explanation

At Skidmore Investigations, we would be happy to look further into your workers’ comp case and gather evidence about potential fraudulent activities. Contact us today to speak with one of our investigative professionals.