Employee Theft

Uncover the truth about employee theft in your organization.

Employee Theft
Do you suspect that someone who works for you is stealing company property? Our team at Skidmore Investigations has employee theft private investigators who will uncover the truth. We have experience with business and corporate settings of all kinds to provide you with the information you’re searching for, including:

  • Determining if a theft occurred
  • Determining if the suspected employee is responsible
  • Collecting evidence to support the claim

In many cases, the employee you’d least expect to be stealing from you is often the one committing the crime. Whether they are stealing inventory, sensitive client information, or funds from your organization, taking prompt action to conduct an employee theft investigation is in the best interests of your business moving forward.

The evidence we collect during your employee theft investigation can be used for your personal purposes or as information to be submitted to your company’s attorney. We implement innovative techniques and technology to ensure the employee or employees in question remain unaware of the investigation and that ultimately, you uncover the truth about what is going on.

When someone is stealing from your company, it can have a negative effect on your work environment, as well as your company’s finances. What’s more is that it can also harm your business’ reputation if your clients, suppliers, or other employees are affected by the ongoing theft. Call us at Skidmore Investigations today to discuss your situation with an employee theft private investigator.