Business Background Checks

Hire new employees with confidence!

Business Background Checks
A thorough background check provides you with information about a potential employee’s character that you wouldn’t get in an interview. You need to know if a truck driver has had multiple DUIs, for example, or if someone handling money is known for missing bill payments. At Skidmore Investigations, we’ll help you complete a full picture of your applicant to keep your customers and your business safe.

When your company deals with sensitive information, complex deliveries or extensive finances, you need confidence in the employees you hire. We provide an array of employee investigative services, including the following business background checks:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Social Security trace reports
  • Motor vehicle reports
  • Homeland Security watch list checks
  • Driving record checks

Our business background checks cover a broad spectrum of information, including the applicant’s education, employment, driving history, and criminal history. Know that in many cases, companies can lose qualified applicants when they only look at one specific item, so a comprehensive approach is ideal for any business looking for new employees.

Not only are our business background checks thorough, but they’re also incredibly discreet. We make it a point to look into the history of applicants without causing difficulties for your business or potential employees.

Be confident when making a job offer to a new employee by conducting a background check with our help at Skidmore Investigations. For further information about the business background checks we do, contact us today!